LPP Polytechnic Library Services During the Covid Period 19




The Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in changes in services in many sectors including in universities, changes to be able to prevent the spread of the virus by implementing social distancing and always using masks & handsanitizers when socializing. The LPP Polytechnic applies online learning to be able to apply social distancing optimally and automatically all service units at the LPP polytechnic also use online services.

The LPP Polytechnic Library is anticipating this service change into:

  1. Libraries can access the E-book collection of reading materials through the polytechnic digital library application LPP,  I-Pusnas from PERPUSNAS, and I-Tani from the ministry of Agriculture. For TA and PKL collections, you can access on SETIADI

  2. All Print Collections Currently, it can only be accessed by borrowing contactless without reading on the spot, temporary printed book lending services are only provided to final students and students who is domiciled in Jogja, the procedure can be seen in the following link

  3. Library Free Service and TA and PKL collection is done online through several procedures which can be seen in this web menu. This year's TA and PKL collection only accept Softfiles.

  4. Books that have been borrowed during the Covid 19 period can be extended without being subject to dendan or if you want to be returned remotely, you can use JNT / JNE delivery.

  5. Official announcements of service or policy changes will be announced on this website and the group Library

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