Circulation Services

Circulation service is a loan and repayment service for collections printed in the library. The printed collections that can be borrowed consist of General Collections, Journals, and Magazines. Following are the procedures for borrowing, extending and returning collections at the LPP Polytechnic Library:

Collection Loan Procedure

The visitor comes to the library -> Fill in the attendance list -> Get the locker key -> Enter the locker bag -> search for collections independently via OPAC -> retrieve the collection needed.

Collection Borrowing Rules


Collections that can be borrowed are General Books and Fiction Collections, for reference collections (such as handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.). Final project collections and street vendor reports can only be read on the spot because the number of copies is small and hard to find.

Borrowing a maximum of 3 books for students for one week and can be extended up to 2 times. Except when PKL students borrow, it will be extended until PKL is finished.


Borrowing for employees and lecturers is a maximum of 6 books with a 3 week duration and can be extended once.


Borrowing books is only allowed with KTM itself, not allowed to borrow books using KTM friends / representatives.


Each loan will be given a maturity date, when it is due, it is expected to return according to the specified / extended online loan through the group. If you are late in returning / extending the loan per day, you will be subject to a fine of Rp. 500.00 per book, unless employees and lecturers are not subject to late fees.

Collection Loan Extension Procedure

The procedure for extending book lending is done via watshapp or sms to number 089652947884 for those who have already entered the group can extend books through the library group. after notifying the extension of the loan, the librarian will extend the collection's loan and notify the collection's maturity.

The extension through WhatsApp and SMS can be done during office hours Monday-Friday before the time the extension of the book will be done the next day. Note: Holidays and national holidays do not need to be extended because there are no fines, loans are always due on working days / Monday-Friday.

Collection Return Procedure

The visitor comes to the library with the collection that is borrowed and shows the KTM / Identity Card. Collection returns may not be represented by others.

Admin will check the history of the loan, and check the condition of the borrowed book, if there is damage and there is a late loan fine.

Students finish returning and can borrow back with a maximum quota that has been determined.

Circulation Service Procedures for Borrowing & Returning Print Collections during Covid 19 can be accessed on the following pages:

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